Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is all about encouraging a love of learning I believe to be innate. I believe that as soon as we are born we begin to explore the world and figure out how it works, and how we work as we learn to use our body and how we fit in the world and society.

The love of learning can easily be lost with poor teaching techniques as a teacher it is my role to reinvigorate the love of learning in all my students. I need to ensure my teaching is fun, interesting, exciting and meaningful. I need to ensure all of my students are in the zone of proximal development where possible.

I believe all students should be given equal access to learning and should not be discriminated against regardless of gender, race, cultural background, religion or SES. It is important be aware that as a product of the world and working as a teacher it is possible to form biases on these and other fields without recognising  it. I must always keep in check my expectations of students to ensure I treat all students equally and expect the same high level of performance regardless of background. I need to ensure I am actively working to break, not reaffirm stereotypes of students from certain backgrounds and affirm to all students they can learn equally. I need to ensure I am working to understand why my students may be performing / behaving poorly and how that can be addressed.



Barry Williams Professional Portfolio